Assistance with curating surveys & eConsents
No more paper.  Collect custom eConsents by providing proper, legal disclosures, assessment tests, eSignatures.  A PDF of the eConsent contract will be generated as well showing all disclosures, assessement test passed, assents required by younger participants (if applicaple). Specific intitutional default privacy settings that the participant may customize on who can access any survey data collected, patient records gathered, etc can all be tracked.  

Both online and offline modes have also been taken into account.  No matter where you are you can collect data and eConsents via mobile devices.  Once gathered and uploaded institutions can re-connect with participants and gather ongoing, longitudinal data, by sending ongoing new or re-occuring surveys or if new eConsents are needed. 

Data collected can be shared with whomever the institution has been given rights to share it with by the user (i.e. All recommended organizations of that instution as a whole)

Custom development
Need to incorporate Private Access into your datacapture or researcher data access systems?   Click here to contact us
Assistance with reporting & statistics
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